The Climate Ribbon: An Environmental Solution (Video)

climate 2


The “Climate RibbonTM” at Brickell City Centre is one of the most unique Green architectural feature that I have seen in years. It provides a continuous surface of glass (11,000 m2) and architectural fabric sun-screening blades. Can it create a comfortable microclimate in hot and humid Miami solely through the use of passive energy strategies?

Check out this video (2:20)



An Unfolding Story: Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre boasts some of South Florida’s greatest logistical advantages. Situated above two floors of below-grade retail parking, Brickell City Centre allows an unprecedented ease of street-level traffic flow. Eleven acres are connected by elevated walkways, which span across all corners of the development’s four city blocks, while an onsite Metromover light rail station provides direct transit connections to many of Miami’s favorite destinations.

Puerto Rico: Island of Opportunities Video

Check out this Video on Puerto Rico.  Don’t miss the opportunity. Invest in your future. Puerto Rico has a privileged location and is the Gateway to the Americas. Ideal for trade and access to federal programs. The island has an educated bilingual workforce and key business sectors such as: manufacturing, services, technology, research & development, banking, financial, etc. It offers incentives and tax credit to those interested in establishing or doing business in Puerto Rico.