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EB 5v Funding For Puerto Rico
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5 out of 5

An important read for bringing back P.R. companies the U.S. shipped to China, Ireland, Singapore

Very novel in its approach and recommendations for saving the Island of Puerto Rico, including a recap of how the rescinding of Section 937 of the IRS code was disastrous for the Puerto Rican economy (and the U.S.) since it sent over half of the Puerto Rican pharmaceutical companies from Puerto Rico to Singapore, Ireland, and China, without adding a single dollar to the U.S. Treasury, which was the alleged reason for getting rid of the Section 937 tax break for U.S. businesses that did business in Puerto Rico. In the end, the U.S. companies just outsources to countries outside of Puerto Rico and the U.S., making the Puerto Rican economy collapse after the U.S. had already destroyed the self-sufficient agricultural economy in the 1970s to make room for selling Puerto Rico junk food and trans fat food from the U.S. that had to be imported to Puerto Rico at a 15% more cost due to the Congressional laws of U.S. that dictated that all trade/commerce to/from Puerto Rico has to be on U.S. merchant marine ships instead of cheaper ships Puerto Rico is not allowed to use per the U.S. colonial-imperlialist laws. Instead, U.S. compoanies just outsourced the previous P.R. pharm companies to hostile anti-U.S. countries like China and India, where the medicines and products are in danger of being either stopped (i.e. not shipped to the U.S. in times of need) or biologically tainted (made poisonous or ineffective either intentionally as a form of bio-warfare, or, unintentionally, as in making the product faulty to "cut corners" and make higher profits).

This author does a lot to provide positive solutions that is a win-win for both Puerto Rico and the U.S. The book is both pro-P.R. and pro-U.S., not harping on the anti-colonialism theme, though colonialism and P.R.'s fake commonwealth status is addressed mildly.

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